Board of Directors

Sharon Seidel (Chair)

My husband Wes and I came to the Pigeon Lake area in 1973. As an expectant mom we owned and operated the Mission Beach General Store. We worked periodically with Gerald Hutchinson – catering to functions and groups, and as well Wes helped clear the area for the existing facilities. After a few years, we found that we had to broaden our horizons and went to High Level and managed a hotel, something we were not that interested in as we were away from our family. We then moved back to the Nisku/Devon area where we owned and managed a bussing company for twenty years. We had two more children – the girls who married into families from the area and our son who is buried in the Fisherton cemetery. Six years ago, we decided to move back to the lake and make it our home. I do have a passion for the area and would like to see it grow. I am chair of the Thorsby Library Board and have worked on the Leduc County Recreation Board for several years. I belong to the Lakedell Ag Society where I enjoy curling in the winter. We have a recreation quarter of land just north of the lake where we enjoy our horses, ski-dooing and camping with our grandkids. Sharon has served on the Board since 2006, as Treasurer and now Chair of the Board.


1999 Board members reunion – BR – Alf Gander, Nelson Nix, Fern Hickman, Ken MacKenzie, Charles Hickman. FR Mary Gander, Miriam Hutchinson, Doris McKenzie, Charles Denny, Gerlad Hutchinson

Art Trace, Ruth Harrison, Sharon Seidel, Blaine Calkins,
Kathy Gregg, Colleen Lomas, EAF Grant Jan 25 2010

Colleen Lomas-Manager & Sharon Seidel-Chair AGM 2011

Kathy Gregg (Director)

Kathy Gregg is a fourth generation resident of Pigeon Lake. Her great-grandfather, Forest Quick and his family lived in a house where the present day Telfordville Church is located. Kathy is employed by Canada Post and works as a rural mail courier. Her past employment included bank employee, self-employed florist, bookkeeper, office manager for a medical office, landscaper, caterer, rental property manager and farming. Kathy has volunteered with various school committees and Camp Maskepetoon through the years and has been a member of the Agricultural Society. She organized two trade shows for the horticultural long weekend. Kathy has served on the Board since 2005 and has been involved in several programs conducted at Rundles Mission.

J. Arthur Trace (Director)

Art and his wife, Irene retired to Mulhurst Bay in 1992. Prior to that, he spent 40 years in the work force living in Alberta, Northwest Territories and B.C. Employment included 25 years in the R.C.M.P. and 15 years with private industry. He is presently President of the Mulhurst Legion Branch, Mulhurst Bay Community League, R.C.M.P. Veterans Association and the Mulhurst Bay and District Fire Protection Society. Art has been a director since 2008.

Pat Hughes (United Church Representative)

Pat joined the Rundle’s Mission Board in June of 2010. Pat has served with the United Church for many years as both a volunteer and also the secretary for the Millet/Me-Me-O/ Mulhurst Pastoral charge. Pat has served on many committees within the United Church Women organization. Her organizational skills and knowledge are invaluable to the Board. Pat enjoys a good Irish party and has a beautiful singing voice!

Ken Hutchinson (Director)

Ken was elected as a director at the 2011 Annual General Meeting. He is the son of Gerald Hutchinson and spent many hours with his family growing up at Rundle’s Mission. He has been a great resource and enthusiastic supporter of our efforts to improve our services while keeping in mind the historical significance of the site. Ken lives in St. Albert and looks forward to serving another year on the board.

Deb Meuser (Director)

Deb became a Director in April 2011after retiring to the Pigeon Lake area from Peace River where she ran a playschool and greenhouse with her husband David. They were both active 4H leaders and it doesn’t seem like the have slowed down at all since relocating. Deb enjoys the country life and is growing vegetables for Westerose Nursery in her “spare time”. She is involved with Me-Me-O United Church, enjoys singing, listening to the birds and spending time with her family.

Ruth Harrison (Director)

Ruth is a former teacher and has lived overseas in connection to the petroleum industry. She has served as a Councilor for District Six of Leduc County Council and is an active leader in a range of community organizations, such as the Thorsby Fish and Game Association and with organizations concerned with water issues in the region. She lives on a farm a few kilometers from Rundle’s Mission. She represented Rundles’ Mission on a number of regional organizations such as the Pigeon Lake and District Chamber of Commerce. Ruth was a Director in 2002 – 2004 and again joined the Board in 2009-2010.

Dwayne Tofsrud (Nomination)

I was raised in Southern Alberta, (Nanton), I come from a large family. My professional career involves Trucking and Transportation, Safety and Oil Field backgrounds. My wife Chris and I met in 1978 and were married in 1981. Together we have raised 2 sons and 1 daughter. We live in the Edmonton area and enjoy the outdoors, fishing and travel.

Volunteer / Association Background:
Kinsmen Club Volunteer History – 1994 to present date. (21 Years)
Positions held included: Treasurer, Director, Vice President, President, and Risk

Alberta District 4 Elected Zone 8 Kinsmen Deputy Governor (2 years)

Awarded District 4 Outstanding Deputy Governor of the Year Award 1998

In March 2008 I was awarded a prestigious life membership in the Kinsmen and Kinette Association, the highest honour given to select members.

I continue informal involvement in the KIN association and continue to include volunteerism in my life and career goals.

Rundles Mission interests me with its rich historical and cultural backgrounds. In this day and age of social media and worldwide internet information availability, people search for connections to the past and unique venues to experience. I believe with my experience, expertise and contacts, I will be able to assist Rundles Mission in further developing and growing as a society.


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