Fisherton Cemetery

Fisherton cemetery located near Rundles Mission at Pigeon Lake is a community cemetery. It is non-denominational and open to use by members of the community. The community is loosely defined as local area residents but is not restricted to such. Activities at the cemetery are administered by the Fisherton Cemetery Maintenance Society.

For additional information please contact the executive listed below:


President: Dwight Knull phone 780 312-5474

Vice President: Kevin Meaver phone 780 699-5935

Secretary: Darlene Kobeluck phone 780 389 3747 cell 780-914-0923

Treasurer: Roberta Moon – Phone 780-446-8575

Plot measurements: Kevin Meaver- 780-699-5935 alternate Bob Meaver 780-389-3541
Brian Moon-780-446-8575, Larry Kobeluck-780-389-3747, Doug Baumann-780-586-2266



The society is a non- profit organization established for the purpose of administering the rules of the Fisherton Cemetery and ensuring records of burials and the location of such are recorded by the Society. Additional responsibility is to ensure the cemetery is maintained in a manner acceptable to the members of the society and the wishes of family members of the interred. Anyone in the province may join the society on application and approval of the members present at an annual general meeting. An annual fee is required for five years prorated and payable on approval. The operation of the society is funded through payment of a maintenance fee charged for plots and on the benevolence of members, families of interred and occasional grants from government agencies or other organizations. Donations may be made to the Fisherton Cemetery Maintenance Society. Families are encouraged to consider supporting the society as an alternative for donations on behalf of the deceased. The fees will be used to ensure the ongoing beautification and maintenance of the cemetery.

Expectation of members is at least one of the following:
Attend annual meeting, attend, and assist with annual spring cleanup or make an annual donation.


  • Plots are not sold and cannot be pre-booked or purchased in advance of death.
  • Plots may be requested for the deceased by contacting the appropriate executive listed below.
    • Selecting of plots is done by meeting with the society representatives
    • For maintenance and operational reasons the options may be limited as to locations
  • Only one burial and one cremation per plot or three cremations
  • A maintenance fee of $2500.00 per burial or cremation is required for non-society members and $250.00 for society members in good standing.
  • Society Members must be a member for 1 (one) year and in good standing to be eligible for maintenance fee of $250.00 per burial. (The Society Membership Fees are $10.00 per year for 5
    years ($50.00)

    • All fees must be paid in full within 45 days.
    • A burial certificate is required by the Society
  • In respect for families, the Society will endeavour to save the adjoining plot(s) for surviving spouse or for both parents of a minor child that precedes them.
    • This is not guaranteed as the society cannot legally pre-book



  • Plot location and measurements must be done by society representatives and with the deceased representative present.
    • Measurements are required prior to any digging or monument placement
  • The Society does not arrange, dig, or arrange for the digging of graves. This is the responsibility of the deceased representative.
    • Hand digging of graves is absolutely prohibited
      • Hand digging of cremations OK to maximum one meter.
    • The deceased’s representatives are responsible to ensure the digging, backfilling, and containment of excess dirt is managed and removed to the designated stockpile.
    • A tarp must be placed to store for the excavated dirt to assist in site cleanup
  • A winter funeral may require the removal of snow to accommodate the funeral and is the direct responsibility of the deceased representatives.
    • Any damage to the cemetery grounds including: turf, infrastructure, gravesite, or monuments is the responsibility of the deceased’s representative.
    • If in doubt as to the location of existing graves, please contact the society representative.
    • If unreasonable damage is done and the society has to make repairs to the turf a bill may be sent to the deceased’s representative

The society provides grass maintenance including cutting and trimming around graves. The actual grave site maintenance is the responsibility of the deceased representative or family. Filling of sunken graves or straightening of monuments can be quite labour intensive. In these occurrences, the Representative/Family will be contacted through the last known contact and asked to rectify the situation. Minor filling of sunken graves or adjustments to headstones will be done by Society maintenance staff.



  • Plot location and measurements must be done by society representatives prior to any monument placement. A member from the board must be present when a monument is being installed on a grave.
  • Placement must be done within the confines of the plot
    • It is suitable to dig the grave leaving some undisturbed ground at the end of the plot to prevent unwanted settling and tipping of monuments.
    • If the size of caskets or dry boxes allow the grave could be dug on the bottom 7 feet
  • Plots are 4 Feet by 9 feet which means the headstone base must not be more than 4 feet in width unless it is going to be placed on adjoining family graves.
    • Monument size restrictions are as follows:
      • Size restrictions include a 75 mm (3″) base
      • Size restrictions for flat markers include the foundation
    • Flat Markers
      • Maximum Length 0.90 m (36”)
      • Maximum Width 0.70M (28) per lot
    • Granite Markers
      • Minimum Thickness is 50 mm (2”) and a maximum thickness of 100 mm (4”)
    • Upright monuments shall not exceed 0.9 m (36”) in height
  • If there is one burial and one cremation on a plot (and if a marker needs to be added at a later date) then the Flat Marker must be located up close to the Headstone.
  • If there is Three Cremations in one plot one Headstone could be installed or one headstone and two Flat Markers. The plot is divided into 3 parts-Starting at the top of the grave.
  • It is the responsibility of the family or representative to repair settling and to straighten any major out of plumb or tipped headstones.



To allow efficient, safe and cost effective maintenance there are some necessary required rules:

  • Planting of trees or shrubs must be pre-approved by the Society
  • Loose gravel or field stones are not allowed
  • Wire or wooden fences are not allowed
  • Flower holders must be simple and impervious to damage from a string trimmer. The Society will not be responsible for damage through normal maintenance
  • All weathered or overabundance of flowers must be removed by the family, or they will be removed by the Society to allow safe and efficient maintenance.
  • Only the area marked out by the society may be used.
  • Monuments must be placed within the marked limits of the plot. A member from the board must be present when it is being installed.

The Society reserves the right to modify or develop additional rules as deemed necessary by the Membership.

Updated February 2024