Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities at Rundles Mission

Without the generous support of time given to Rundles Mission Society we would not be able to offer community events and services.

We rely on volunteers to assist with our community events and fundraisers. There are many opportunities to give back by cooking, decorating, clean –up , selling tickets and entertaining.


1999 Joan Mitchell-Mission Gardener 2011

Art Trace and friend repairing the panels May 2012

Quilt Donatd by Rita Kennedy St. Pauls UC 2010

Some of our Volunteers are:

  • Joan – The Mission gardener has taken on the role of planting and tending to all the flowers at the Mission. This was her initiative and its adds to the beauty of the site every year
  • The Devon United Church have generously collected needed items for our kitchen and donated then to Rundle’s Mission
  • Alex and Susie Baumann have donated gravel and equipment use to build our parking areas and the Lakeshore Lookout.
  • Mike Black has donated his time and equipment to develop the community ski trails.
  • Zolten Liba band and Ted Jardine have donated their time and talents to entertain us
  • The Leduc United Church donated chairs and a Baptismal font to the Telfordville Church

Many others have donated plumbing services, quilts, building contracting, snow plowing, hedge trimming, painting supplies, furmiture, and much much more.

From the smallest to the largest donations of time and funds we are most appreciative and grateful. The preservation of this historic site and the ability for all people to come and partake in a retreat at this beautiful spot is spiritual fulfillment.

There are those that could never experience Alberta’s wilderness without the generosity of others.

Thank You from: Inner City Youth, Immigrant groups, FCSS, Scouts, School Music Band, Special Needs Groups, Piano Festival and more