Information on the Society

hutchinsonsMiriam & Gerald Hutchinson – Founding Director

Rundles Mission Society was formed in 1956 to recognize Reverend Rundle’s Mission to the Stoney and Nakoda people of the area.

The Society was formed by a group of five exceptional individuals who all had a vision, skill set and a determination to develop a “useful, living memorial on an important historic site.” (Gerald Hutchinson – The Meeting Place pp 1)

The founding members were: Gerald Hutchinson, Kenneth McKenzie, Paul Moseson, Hobart Dowler, T. Alfred Gander, Clifford MacMurtry.

Today the Society continues to meet it’s mission with the generous support of our friends, corporate donors, UCW Ladies, Alberta Northwest Conference of the United Church, The Alberta and Canadian approved grants.

Rundle’s Mission Society believes:

  • that we should provide a hospitable and beautiful setting to enhance and encourage learning, recreative and contemplative experiences
  • that as stewards of the site and it’s lands, we should involve the guests and visitors in appreciating the significance of the site’s social and natural heritage
  • that given the history of the site as a gathering place and Christian mission to the region’s First Nations, we believe that respectful relationships with these communities is an element of the Society’s work and life.



When you make a donation to Rundle’s Mission Society you are supporting our beliefs and ensuring that we can continue to provide services to our community.

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All improvements are dependant on your donations as we operate the retreat center at cost.

  • Rundle’s Mission Society Yearly Membership $20.00
  • Give Us a Lift Campaign – Expansion of the Memorial Lodge to install an elevator, new sleeping accommodations and accessible washrooms.
  • Gerald & Miriam Hutchinson & Friends Endowment – this trust fund is used for programming at Rundle’s Mission.

All Personal Donations are Tax Detuctible. Thank you for your Generosity.