Telfordville Church

The Telfordville Methodist Church was built in 1912 to serve the early settlement community, becoming the Telfordville United Church in 1925. It is open to the public at any time. Inside you’ll find an altar, 4 pews, and a pump organ. It can accommodate up to 35 people. The balcony offers a beautiful view of Piegon Lake. Today the Telfordville Church is used by groups and individuals as a place for contemplation and reflection. It is open for guests and visitors at the site. It has electricity but no heat source so is only suitable for warm days.

During the 1930s – the dustbowl years – many people came to Telfordville in search of new homes. Many came from Empress in southeastern Alberta, as well as other parts of Alberta and Montana and Saskatchewan. The ministers appointed were responsible for services in a circuit of 10 points, including: Strawberry, Thorsby, Dniester, Warburg, Sunnybrook, Telfordville, Calmar, Phillips, Genesee, Rainier and Capbildion.

These ministers who served this circuit:

1914 – E.B. Arrol
1917 – A.B.Mason
1922 – A.D. Suthrland
1924 – H.G.Rice
1933 – T.F.McGregor
1936 – D.C.McTavish

Families from the Telfordville Church would attend picnics and annual camp on the shores of Pigeon Lake, arriving by oxcart with their supplies and equipment.

In 1949 the Rev. Gerald Hutchinson moved with his wife Miriam and two children to the Pigeon Lake area. They lived at Telfordville – then the centre of a seven point pastoral charge. Damaged by lightening, the old church was abandoned and a new church constructed.

In 1996 members of the Rundle’s Mission Board of Directors and the Telfordville congregation raised funds to restore the first church building and move the church to the Rundle’s Mission grounds.

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